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Lead Sheet

China Lead Sheet Supplier

The metal that can be shaped, cut, bent, and formed is none other than lead sheet. That is why it is suitable for almost every application which makes it the common choice. If you too are searching for the best china lead sheet supplier, then you have found one. We pride our self in being one of the best.

The lead sheet available at Serfirstindustrial is resistant against most of the industrial chemicals, salt water, and atmospheric conditions. We have customers from various industries as the leading China lead sheet supplier, and we are happy to serve them.

The manufacturing process of this product is intense. It requires continuous casting with a rotating drum which is water-cooled and immersed in the molten lead partly. A solid layer of lead is picked up by the drum, and the adjacent knife edge removes it. The thickness of the lead is controlled by varying rotation speed and temperature.

The entire process is closely monitored by our extremely professional experts to avoid any issues. The production unit has modern and advanced machinery, and all the equipment we have are high tech. As the prominent lead sheet supplier in China, we believe in modernity which ensures upgrading the product quality with time.

Top Lead Sheet Supplier In China

The lead sheet we are providing has many qualities like flexibility, rugged, and it has a long life. The sheet is also aesthetically appealing. It has wide use in the construction and building industry. The uses of the sheet include:

  1. Soundproofing
  2. Corrosion-resistant gaskets
  3. Waterproofing
  4. Roofing and flashing
  5. Radiation shielding
  6. Lead lining tanks

The high chemical corrosion resistance of the sheet we supply makes it a suitable choice for the storage vessels, the lining of chemical treatments bath, and storage plants. The resistance and strength of the sheet make the application even wider. Many industries have one of the requirement out of the multiple applications, and as the recognised China lead sheet supplier we take it as a responsibility to make sure that every customer is satisfied.

There are many suppliers moving in the industry but only a few have gained credibility, and we are among those few. The major reason we are favoured by the customers is our promise to eminence and the hard work we put in the manufacturing. The high demand often makes things difficult for us but our commitment to serve only the best is unwavering, and it enables us to achieve what we desire.

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