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China Screw Supplier

Serfirst has been serving the insulated industry with our dedicated production line for over a decade. We take proud in our products which include screws, nut, bolts, insulation tapes, fiberglass fabric, metal jacketing and other metal ancillaries. We take proud in meeting our clients’ requirements along with contractual deadlines.

This makes us separate from the rest in the business as we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. For us, to make long-term connections with our customers is our utmost priority. For every significant insulation projects, Serfirst is presumed as the best china screw supplier. Our product line includes screws, rivet and nut & bolts. In screws, we provide various types of screws including Self-tapping screw, Self-drilling screw and Assorted screw alongside rivet and nut & bolt.

Quality China Screw Supplier

As far as our self-tapping screw is concerned, it can easily be considered as top China screw supplier. This type of screw has given us excellent customer feedback. Serfirst is one of the handfuls of China screw that provide durable and long life Self Drilling screw.

Also, we provide our customers with the best ancillary service regarding its extensive use of services as well as benefits. We also call ourselves as quality China screw supplier for Neoprene washers.

We offer it to a wide range of customers because of its various qualities. Its characteristics include square designs as well as round designs.

Our Neoprene washers are best due to:

01: Durability

02: Ageing property

03:  Inertness concerning chemical

Our washers also have an edge as it shields the oxidation process and is reliable in all seasons.

We also offer a wide range of rivets for our valued customers. We manufacture rivets with the help of aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and yardstick meeting quality assure our customers the reliability and compels them to convert the one-off business into a long-term harmonious business relationship.

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